4/26/16: Sweater sightings.


When a customer brings in a finished sweater to show us at the shop, it’s a little like finding a four-leaf clover. Today, I’m lucky enough to have not one but two customer sweaters to share!

Sharon made her cozy Moon Pulls* with three different yarns: a classic undyed shade of Cascade EcoWool, a purple Berroco Vintage Chunky, and just enough of a complementary plum colored yarn from her stash for the collar and cuff facings. This is the kind of sweater that would be your best friend from first frost to last.

The lined cuffs can be worn either down or up, looking great either way.

Dianna Walla calls her design a lopapeysa, an Icelandic sweater, but it doesn’t have the Icelandic’s typical round stranded yoke. She saved the stranding for the sleeves and hem, and isn’t Sharon’s technique spot on? Enjoy a closer look…

Annie wore her Diane Soucy #128 Top Down Trapeze Sweater* in last Thursday and wowed everyone. She said she picked the dandelion yellow Sueño to match the silk scarf that had been her mother’s. Yes, the color is irresistible, but we really loved the fit and the style on her – a great match.

On the shawl side, here is Brigid’s splendid Interlude* by Janina Kallio in Malabrigo Sock. Very chic. Brigid’s stitching, as always, makes us want to cast on for whatever project she’s just finished!

Interlude is a single skein project and a good pick for an adventurous beginner knitter. Kallio’s name pops up a lot these days. She has many attractive designs; you can see them all on her Ravelry designer page.

Ravelry recently celebrated this time of year as “shawl season,” when the weather keeps us all guessing how many layers will be too much or not enough. I have ten pages of “favorited” shawls on Ravelry, but most of them are frothy lace patterns I will probably never make nor ever wear if I were to make them. But I do have a few picks ideal for swooping around your shoulders on spring days that start out like March and end like May. I’d like to recommend these very wearable patterns and call them my “pretend FOs”:

Kirsten Kapur is celebrating 10 years of blogging and designing with the Through the Loops 10 Years collection. Check it out here, and here is her designer page. The first in the collection is the Fort Tryon Wrap, which I think has April written all over it. Got 5 single skeins of sock yarn?


(All yardages approximate) Color A: 165 yards; Color B: 285 yards; Color C: 330 yards; Color D: 375 yards; Color E: 415 yards. I would probably keep going and add an F and maybe even a G.

While we await the arrival of our shipment of a dozen shades of Fibre Company Acadia, you have time to decide whether you’d like to make Megan Goodacre’s Boiseau*…


… or Leah McGlone’s Beech Hill*. A cross between a shawl, a serape, and a poncho, Beech Hill, like the Churchmouse Easy Folded Poncho, is a no-brainer to make and to wear. Jill’s sample of Beech Hill will be available soon for you to try on.


Susan Ashcroft’s New Caesar Wrap* is mosaic knitting – just slipped stitches – and much easier than it looks. It can be adapted to suit the amount of yarn you have, from fingering to worsted. It was the “it” pattern at last year’s yarn trade show. We saw it again and again as the booth sample everyone was using to show off their gorgeous solid, semi-solid, variegated, gradient, and self-striping yarns.

New Caesars

“Nuvem” is the Portuguese word for cloud, and you’ll feel like you’re wearing one in Martina Behm’s Nuvem*. Yes, it takes lots and lots of lace or fine fingering weight (1750-ish yards), but…

once you are done casting on, there are only knit stitches (no purling required!) and simple increases. If you have a beautiful, big skein of…yarn, and you are in the mood for a long, relaxing haul of almost mindless knitting, this is the project for you! Also, a good “first big project“ for beginning knitters…You start in the middle using Judy‘s magic cast-on and knit in the round until 20% of your yarn is left. Then you create the ruffle and bind off. (From Martina’s project notes.)

I have a commercially knit wrap that’s incredibly similar to Nuvem that is my go-to layer for spring and fall.


How about Veera Välimäki’s  3/4 Hap Shawl* that takes just two skeins of sock yarn? It’s a classic almost-square shape that will stay comfortably on your shoulders.


Olivia* is a quick knit with 650 yards of aran/worsted yarn on US9, so you could have this one done before the roses bloom. Amy Miller’s pretty pattern doesn’t show up too clearly in this photo; it’s a crescent shape, simple garter stitch with a fisherman rib border, completely reversible.



Hope you’ve enjoyed and gotten a few ideas from my “fantasy FO” collection. What patterns do you wish you’d just finished?

Note: Patterns marked with an asterisk (*) are available at Gosh Yarn It!







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