3/20/16: It says spring on the calendar.

Spring has arrived, and the forecast is… snow. Well, if Mother Nature isn’t serious about the season change, we are. We just unpacked 10 shades of lovely Shibui Linen (sporting their new labels) and 20 of Universal Cotton Supreme, a yarn we just can’t live without. Everything we love about cotton comes packed into this one soft and supple machine washable and dryable worsted weight. Not just for washcloths, reach for it for a whole lot more: baby garments and blankets, summer sweaters (below), chemo caps, and toys.

Shibui’s new look

May we crow a bit about our latest shop sample? Catherine knit up one skein of the Done Roving Gradient DK into a Neato* shawl. Dropping stitches intentionally is a lot of fun, and this is a quick project, just as pretty in hand-dyed or solid yarns as gradients.

The designer publishes as JumperCables, and I highly recommend you check out her designer page on Ravelry for lots of other easy to knit/easy to wear pieces.

Brigid just finished another of JumperCables’ patterns, Groovy* in our Mango Moon Mulberry Merino. I know she’s going to love it – every way I draped it around our little mannequin’s shoulders was better than the last.


Hope you can see the silk shining through the merino wool…

Paula picked Pebble from Shibui and whipped up their Mix No. 32*, a neat little cap with welted ridges that are a refreshing alternative to ribbing.

I took another run at Justyna Lorkowska’s Lanvad Hat*. The pattern calls for a worsted weight, but also calls for a US4 & 6 needles. I knit pretty tightly, so I combined Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK and Shibui Silk Cloud and used a US5 & 7 to get a combination that was happier with my typically smaller gauge. (And I’m much happier with the results.)

Sharon made a heavenly blue cowl/glove set with some of the Mrs. Crosby Hat Box. This merino/silk/cashmere was a good choice for both the Heaven Mitts* from Julie Partie and the Seva* cowl from Lynn Di Cristina. The shade of blue is called Peacock Feathers.

Staying with the color scheme but switching to Canopy Fingering from Fibre Company, Sharon made this bright and cheery Brush Creek Cowlette* from Carina Spencer.

Mustachioed is the name, and adorable is the game. Bonnie made it for a young man who arrived on Leap Day this year. She used Berroco Vintage, double stranded, for this hip baby blanket. The pattern comes from Cascade’s 60 Quick Baby Blankets*, courtesy of designer Christina Behnke.

Maxima from Manos del Uruguay was Stephanie’s choice for her Vera Rubin Cardigan from Jordynn Jack and Katie Rose Pryal. Finding just the right button is the cherry on top of sweater knitting.

Here’s another new all-season yarn in the shop: Luxurious Tweed DK from Sublime. If you hear “tweed” and think itchy scratchy, this 60/40 wool/cotton blend will change your mind.


I have my eye on it for a Dot Knots Kid* pullover from Lori Versaci.

Versaci Knits sweaters

Photo by Gale Zucker for Versaci Knits

I’ve already swatched with the Luxurious Tweed DK, gotten gauge (after washing), have fallen in love with making the little slubs, and am ready to go. Look for my adventures with Dot Knots Kid to pop up here again as the project progresses.

Note: Patterns marked with an asterisk (*) are available at Gosh Yarn It!






2 responses to “3/20/16: It says spring on the calendar.

  1. Barbara Colon

    love to know the name of the pattern. Darling pattern.

    • Hi, Barbara! The pattern comes from Universal Yarns Cotton Supreme Book 6. It’s called the Twisting Tee and is also available as an individual pattern on Ravelry, which means if you’d like to stop by the shop, we’d be happy to print out a copy for you!

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