05/18/15: Light, lighter, lightest!

GYI Camp Store opened Friday, and campers have already started stocking up, saving 20% on all camp yarn. Tina Woodward’s pick of the Silverleaf shawl for our June “sleepaway camp” KAL has won many fans. They’re snapping up copies of Bonnie Sennott’s pattern – it’s a $6 Ravelry download at the shop and worth every penny. Day camper or sleepaway camp KAL-er, assemble all your project needs now, even swatch for your camp project if you need to, and you’ll be ready for “opening day” on June 1! For complete camp details, just check out the previous post.

We have to thank Catherine, who spotted the idea on Ravelry, for bringing the amazing Shibui Linen version of the Easy Folded Poncho* into our lives.

How perfect is this featherweight summer poncho? She used three skeins of the color Blueprint, keeping the project under $50. Check out that razor-straight seam. At the same time, Brigid cast on for a cool grey EFP of her own, below, cleverly casting on a few extra stitches (135) to increase the length and using just under four skeins. The EFP is most often done in yarns such as alpaca or wool blends, making it ideal for fall into spring, but we love it in linen for summer.

Here’s another favorite pattern “re-yarned” for 2015 – the Effin by Loretta McCollough in Doppio by Lana Grossa. Effin’s still the simplest, most stylish little summer scarf we know.

Doppio is also the star of Shelly’s dramatic Miami Vice shawl that’s going to her daughter’s prom. This white/silver colorway would be pretty for a wedding shawl, too. crocheted shop samples! Here is Churchmouse’s Crocheted Moebius Cowl* in Berroco Folio, another of our warm weather-friendly yarns. The pattern is written with a silk mohair in mind, and while that is divine, using Folio means your cowl can be worn year ’round. Designer Carol Lansinger had both beginner and seasoned crocheters in mind when she created a mind-bending moebius loop that adds a clever twist to simple single crochet stitches. Sample maker Catherine says the directions are very clear and precise.

Bonnie knit a spectacular Etch* using Cascade Ultra Pima. The pattern is from Shellie Anderson, part of Shibui’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection and designed for a combination of Cima and Linen. The Ultra Pima is a perfect substitute.

The front is mostly done in the pattern stitch but not completely; the left front edge is stockinette, which flows into the left sleeve. Clever and classy.

Bonnie also recently finished Brenda Lavell’s Texelle Chunky Shawl* in Berroco Maya. Doesn’t this cotton/alpaca combo show off Bonnie’s stitching beautifully? This one is sure to get a lot of wear over the summer.

Berroco Maya went into my lighter version of the Shoulder Cozy* pattern from Churchmouse Yarns. I blended a silk/mohair Kid Seta from Cascade with the Maya. It weighs almost nothing at all and is squishably kitten-soft.

Let’s close on a free pattern note, one with super easy stockinette/reverse stockinette bias stripes to showcase your yarn choice. So why not live a little? Jill used Shibui Pebble and Silk Cloud held together for her Traverso Due from Regina Moessmer. The contrast points are a stylish finishing touch to this soft, luxurious scarf.

*Note: Patterns marked with an asterisk (*) are available at Gosh Yarn It!


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