03/05/15: Knitting with more than one color.

Morning Glories on the back fence were Stephanie’s inspiration for her “Heavenly Blue” sweater made with Classic Elite Wynter and its undyed cousin Blackthorn. Kristin Nicholas’ Fair Isle Pullover (Adult) comes from the 1995 book, Knitting the New Classics. We have a copy in the shop library, and in the first picture Stephanie poses next to the pattern page in the book; you can see how far her color scheme differs from the original. (The original was also knit in a chunky mohair. Aiee! You have to love the 90’s. Wynter was a much, much happier choice!)

Sarah revived one of our favorite cowls, Antonia Shankland’s Bubble Wrap*, knitting it in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It may look like stranded knitting, but it’s a drop stitch pattern that an adventurous beginner can easily master.

Caribou Baby Blanket* makes an ideal “funky” baby shower gift for young mothers who aren’t interested in traditional baby pastels. And soft? You betcha! Brigid chose teal, light and dark pink, and a very funky lime green. Catherine’s shop sample includes both pinks and two purples. This free pattern includes intarsia options for knitting four-square blocks and a “plaid” design as well as easy peasy stripes.

Two colors, yes, but one incredibly soft yarn: Cascade Eco Alpaca. Brigid knit it up into a Rikke Hat and a no-pattern mistake rib scarf. I just love the button she placed at the “seam” where the ends of the garter stitch rounds take a bit of a jog. Aside from being very stylish, the button lets the wearer tell the front from the back of the hat. So clever!

*Note: Patterns marked with an asterisk (*) are available at Gosh Yarn It!


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