Croll Farm Fibers Yarn Club at Gosh Yarn It!

You have to take a look at this yarn, Gina said. I know a lady who raises alpacas and spins her own yarn. One look (and one touch) later, we were on our way to realizing a dream we’ve had since the shop opened three years ago: a yarn club exclusive to GYI, featuring yarn produced right here in Pennsylvania!

Once upon a time all yarn was local. Times have changed, and nowadays we source our yarn from everywhere in the world. Whenever we have the chance to offer you yarn “grown” nearby – such as Elizabeth Janoski’s lustrous Red Dog Wool from Shipmeadow Farm in Montrose – we jump.

“The lady who raises alpacas” turned out to be Suzanne Croll of Zion Grove, near Hazleton. She and her husband George have completely renovated her husband’s family farm, which dates back to 1902. It is there that they, along with three of their children and their families, tend the garden and raise bees, ducks, chickens, and a growing herd of alpacas, sheep, and goats. We are absolutely delighted to announce a partnership with Suzanne: Croll Farm Fibers Yarn Club at Gosh Yarn It!


Suzanne spins the fleece from three of her alpacas, Sunny, Stormy, and Indie, and the 100% mohair from her little angora goat Rosie. Her yarn is sport weight (23-26 sts=4″ on US 3-5 needles) and a round, smooth single ply. I hear you saying, but is it “itchy”? Is it “picky”? Keep in mind that this isn’t Royal Baby alpaca. But it is very soft in a comfortable and slightly hearty way. Unless you want to make the toastiest, cushiest, warmer-than-wool gloves or socks you’ll ever wear (see below), you probably won’t be wearing these fibers right up close to your skin anyway. The fabric from Suzanne’s handspun yarn will have all the qualities we love from alpaca and mohair – silky drape, a wispy halo of fine fibers, great stitch definition, and real warmth.

Here’s how the Croll Farm Fibers Yarn Club will work:

  • Suzanne’s handspun yarn will be ready for delivery in April, June, and August. Skeins are approximately 275-300 yards of sport weight single ply, $25.95 each.
  • Choose to receive yarn once, twice, or all three times.
  • Choose to receive one, two, or three skeins per delivery.
  • Choose any combination of alpaca and/or mohair skeins per delivery. Rosie’s mohair is available in one color only (above, far left). The alpaca comes in three colors: light (Sunny), medium (Stormy), and dark (Indie).
  • Ordering deadlines are March 30 for April delivery, May 30 for June delivery, and July 30 for August delivery.
  • Yarn can be picked up from the shop; domestic shipping will be available for an additional charge.
  • Payment is due with your order. Thirty skeins will be available per delivery; orders will be accepted until limit is reached.

If you’d like to amass a sweater quantity of yarn, don’t worry – the yarn from one delivery to another will match very well, since the same animal’s fleece is used exclusively each time. Allow me to introduce Indie…

November 2013 028


November 2013 042


November 2013 054

and Rosie…

November 2013 051

Croll_Farm2Left, a pair of socks Suzanne knit from yarn spun from Indie’s fleece. I wish I’d had a pair like this for those 0° mornings when I was shoveling my driveway! Come and fall in love with the yarn samples on display here in the shop. When you visit, you can fill out our Croll Farm Fibers Yarn Club order form or just call us – we’ll be happy to take your order over the phone. But do try to drop by to see and feel this wonderful handspun yarn for yourself. Suzanne has even invited Yarn Club members to visit her farm later in the spring. Imagine going for an outing to the Crolls’ farm, seeing Suzanne spin your yarn, and meeting “your” alpaca!


One response to “Croll Farm Fibers Yarn Club at Gosh Yarn It!

  1. I’d like to join the yarn club n purchase the alpaca yarn from Suzanne Croll. Please let me know if I can still buy for april. If not I’d like to buy for the june delivery . One skein from indie please. I will call with pmt

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