Make It Now! Week 4

ginaToo many choices! That’s what customers are saying about our Make It Now! suggestions. We hear you. This week, we picked one knit and one crochet pattern with just one yarn in mind: Gina by Plymouth. Gina stars in the design that has so far been everybody’s favorite Make It Now! pattern, Inspira. Gina is a very soft 100% wool worsted that changes color as Noro yarns will.

Our knit choice? Modern Rustic by Laura Meyers. Crochet? Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf by Kebhin Gibbons, with an assist from our friend Diane L. Augustin.

modern_rustic_scarf_medium OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Both free. Modern Rustic is a simple introduction to the technique of two-color knitting called intarsia. A great tutorial is available from Purl Soho’s Purl Bee e-newsletter, here. Try slipping the first stitch of each row purlwise to keep a nice straight edge.

PhoncibleOK. Can’t help myself. One more: for those of you who’ve finished your Inspiras and wish you had a matching hat, Phoncible by Alexandra Tinsley may be just the thing. It’s a paid pattern we’d be happy to print out for you as a Ravelry download.


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