What are you doing next weekend?

sulcoski-lgPlease join us in welcoming back Carol Sulkoski, our favorite yarn dyer/knitwear designer/author (and Wilkes-Barre native!), to GYI on September 21-22.

On Saturday, Carol’s handpainted yarns will be the star of the show. She’ll host her free Black Bunny Fibers Trunk Show, 12-4 pm.

No RSVP required for the trunk show – just come and fall in love with Carol’s beautiful yarns. She’s bringing an assortment of yarns for you to choose from, including the fingering/sock weight for which she is famous. Carol can also autograph copies of her books, Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn and Sock Yarn Studio for you.

On Sunday, 12:30-3:30 pm, she will teach Yarn Substitution Made Easy, her most popular class at national shows such as Vogue Knitting Live and Stitches.

Let Carol make yarn substitution simple for you. She’ll explain everything you need to know about the g-word (gauge); different yarn weights from lace to to super bulky; the relationship of weight to yardage, plies, and needle size; and how fiber and yarn characteristics (drape, elasticity, weight, halo, etc.) affect substitution. But that’s not all – Carol will also show you how to estimate yardage when substituting yarns and finish with real-life examples, selecting alternate yarns for commercial patterns. Wow!

On Sunday, September 22, we’ll open just for Carol’s class. Seating is limited. Registration is only $50 for just about the most important knitting class you may ever take. Call today to get in on the fun, 570-287-9999.



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