February’s Final FOs.

2.25.02You don’t have to be nominated for an Oscar to want a little sparkle and shine. (Seriously, have you ever seen so many sequins all in the same place at the same time?) Though there are lots of yarns that can boost your bling quotient, one of our favorites has always been ArtYarns. Joan reached for their Mohair Splash, which combines silk and mohair with beads and sequins strung on a fine metallic thread, for her 200 Yard Scarf Knitalong project. She added black La Furla from Trendsetter to make this elegant wrap her very own.


Here’s another glittery FO from Joanne. She used the pattern Weekend Shawl* by Anne Kuo Lukito. Don’t know that the sparkly bits show up very well in my photo, but you can definitely see what a lovely job Joanne did.


Molly snagged some of our very new Silken Straw from Alchemy Yarns for her Effin Scarf*, below. Don’t let the name deter you – it’s a ridiculously quick and simple project for any yarn with a light, soft hand and an inclination to drape, making it an ideal summer accessory. Molly’s is just exquisite and weighs nothing at all! The Effin was designed by Loretta McCollough, who was filmed at her workplace, Loops in Tulsa, Oklahoma, discussing her pattern in the most polite and ladylike terms imaginable. (If you decide to knit Effin for someone with delicate sensibilities, just refer to it as the Elfin Scarf.) In addition to the Silken Straw, we have lots of others that would make lovely Effins: yarns from Feza and Blue Heron, also Euroflax, Bahia, Luca, Firefly, Phoenix, Twiggy, Fleurtini, …

2.25.11  2.25.10 2.25.12  2.25.13

On a day when there wasn’t any snow to be shoveled, Molly was able to bring in the handsome Windschief* hat she had just finished for her husband.  She used a charcoal grey Trendsetter Merino VI for this Stephen West design, guaranteeing that the hat will be warm and comfortable for many years to come. Far from being your average (boring) man’s watch cap, Windschief has a real sense of style. It is shown below both from the front and the back.

2.25.14 2.25.15

Jane also had wind chill on her mind when she whipped up these sweet little Ruffled Leg Warmers for a six year-old she knows. I photographed them as they are “supposed” to be worn, ruffles at the ankle, but the suggestion was made that flipped over, they’d make cute boot toppers or even arm warmers with the ruffle peeking out from a coat sleeve. How versatile is that for one pattern? The yarn is Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted.


Bonnie’s Cap Sleeve Cardigan Vest* is another charmer for a little lady. Bonnie used Classic Elite Seedling, an organic cotton that’s absolutely butter soft. This summer weight sweater is headed down to Florida, where we’re sure its new owner will fall in love with it.


Ringlets is an amazing yarn from Pagewood Farms. The actual ringlets are Lincoln Longwool locks, gently felted to a soft super bulky merino single. Marie cast on about 9 stitches and using a P1, YO, P2tog pattern, was done in no time with this fun and fanciful scarf. Spectacular!


Here is an FO from Jill, a svelte Cowboy Cowl* worked in Heichi and Silk Cloud from Shibui. Small pewter buttons daintily close up the neck. Did you know we have a mini trunk show through March 7th of some of Shibui’s Mix patterns? All Shibui yarns are 10% off during the show, plus all Shibui special orders (any yarn! any color!) are also 10% 0ff.

2.25.05  2.25.04

Kathy took Carolyn Kern’s Beginner Stranded Knitting class earlier this month. I was lucky enough to “audit” the class, and while my Boreal Headband is stuck on round 8 or 9, Kathy’s is finished. She admits there may be a few white stitches where there should have been blue, but says since it was just a practice piece, it’s really OK. The important thing is that stranded knitting is now fun and, thanks to Carolyn, easy, too.


I fell hard for the Rikke Hat the moment I saw it on Ravelry – I knew I had to make one. When I discovered we had one lonely skein of one color of Cascade Eco Alpaca sitting on the shelf, I grabbed it to make my Rikke. Love! Thank you, Jill, for modeling my creation.


And now for something completely different: weaving at GYI is really starting to pick up momentum. The Cricket Club meets this Thursday, February 28th, 5:30-6:30 p.m.  This free get-together is for all rigid heddle loom weavers, not just owners of Schacht Cricket looms. Our weaving sensai Linda Mesavage will discuss weaving with cotton and flax. Would-be weavers welcome, too! (Cricket Club meets the last Thursday of each month, so if you can’t make it in February, we hope you can come March 28th.) Linda returns in March to lead another weaving class: Log Cabin Pattern on Saturday, March 16th, 3-4 p.m. Below, two samples of the Log Cabin pattern:


A quick mention that we’ve added two new classes, one on seaming and one on the Kitchener Stitch. Updated class schedule, here. Finally, with the days getting longer and the temperatures warming just a wee little bit, it’s time to think about our spring bus trip to the amazing Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May. We will be heading down on Sunday, May 5th, departing from the Wyoming Valley Mall at 6:30 a.m. and returning around 6 p.m. that evening. We’re now accepting reservations, and the 29 passenger bus is starting to fill up. Tickets are $60, with refreshments served both going and coming. If this guy could talk, he’d say, “please call soon to reserve your seat.”


All patterns marked with an asterisk* are available at Gosh Yarn It!


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