Cool Summer Stitching

Summer stitching projects need to be like vacations – fun, relaxing, a chance to return to the familiar and comfortable or explore new places and see new sights.  And, like vacations, they need to last just long enough not to be boring.  Who wants to knit the equivalent of six rainy days at the beach?

A yard or two of garter stitch or stockinette is a great way to slip your mind into neutral.  Catherine named her bright and sassy garter stitch version of the Churchmouse pattern Mohair Bias Loop “Marsha. Marsha! Marsha!!!!” after being inspired by another knitter’s project at one of our Thursday evening Stitch & Spins. Rather than grafting the ends as the pattern suggests to create a loop, she worked it as a parallelogram with a sensational glittery red Ritratto from S. Charles Collezione. The original Mohair Bias Loop pattern is sold at the shop.


Molly chose lace weight Suri Elegance from Alpaca Yarn Co. for her version of another of our Churchmouse patterns, Bias ‘Before and After’ Scarf, so named because it is supposed to be so ugly before blocking and so beautiful after. We never saw it before it had its bath, but “beautiful” is the perfect way to describe Molly’s finished scarf. Note the delicate beaded bound off edge.


Under the “see new sights” category, Marie finished only her second pair of socks and first pair using self-striping yarn, matching the stripes exactly – talk about a Kodak moment!

Andrea says she has found her Shangri-La this summer – toy knitting.  This adorable little guy, knit in Cotton Supreme from Universal, showed her the way there and promises to be the first of a very large sleuth:

 (If you clicked on the Wikipedia link above, did you notice that a group of geese on the ground can be a “flock” or “gaggle” but in the air is known as a “skein”?)

Charlotte was the first to pick out one of the vivacious Mountain Colors cowl/scarf kits that arrived recently, so, not coincidentally, she was the first to finish one, too.  This will be a very cheery reminder of summer for Charlotte when cowl-wearing season returns.

Wanda loves a mystery, the knitting equivalent of your mom yelling, “Get in the car! We’re going!”  In this case, the car ride was a Mystery KAL from Sharon Dreifuss that included a little beading and slip stitching.  The destination turned out to be Me oh MAYA , a pattern now available at GYI through the Ravelry In-Store Sale Program.  Jill kindly modeled Maya for us:

Joanne made her Skywalker from Laura Nelkin out of a shade of Jaggerspun Zephyr that is as cool and refreshing as homemade peach ice cream. (Skywalker is another pattern we can print out for you at the shop with an in-store sale.) Seeing Joanne’s pretty shawl, you’ll understand why I never stop saying this is one of my favorite yarns for summer, winter, spring, or fall.

Another shawl to show is my own Daybreak, right.  Since I love purling just as much as I do knitting, Stephen West’s design was a walk in the park.  I particularly enjoyed my companions, two shades of Carol Sulcoski’s Black Bunny Fibers Tight Twist Merino: one, an intense, velvety red and the other, a deep indigo blue that I could tell was thinking seriously about turning purple.  Her colors are to-die-for, so mark your calendar now, folks.  You do not want to miss the upcoming BLACK BUNNY FIBERS TRUNK SHOW at Gosh Yarn It! on Saturday August 4th, Noon-4 p.m.  No charge to view the trunk show, but taking home all the yarn and fiber you will fall in love with, not so much!  Carol can autograph her book Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn for you. She will also give us a sneak peak at her new book, Sock Yarn Studio, due out in October.

Here’s just a little teaser for Carol’s Black Bunny Fibers yarn and fiber:

The only way to follow those Black Bunny colorways is with Gina’s ¡Fiesta! Scarf, her original design for Gosh Yarn It!, one of our shop patterns that’s free with the purchase of yarn.  We gave Gina five bright colors of Kollage Korntastic and said, “Go play.”  The result is a drapey but lightweight summer scarf that is a party around your neck.  Make it in more subtle shades (of grey?) or go for the original color scheme that will go with just about anything in your summer wardrobe.  Viva la Fiesta, Gina!


Color Affection‘s popularity continues to climb. Must be because Sally and Catherine have been spotted around town wearing theirs.  Both are done in madelinetosh tosh merino light.  First, Catherine’s…

…and now, Sally’s:

I see these heavenly shawls and my fingers begin to twitch.  The only thing keeping me from casting on this instant for a CA for myself is knowing that the Ravellenic Games will be starting this Friday, with a mass cast-on by Ravelers around the world at the moment the Olympic Flame is lit in London, 9:00 p.m. BST, and a Team GYI cast-on at the shop timed to coincide with the opening ceremonies at 4:00 p.m. EDT. If you are a Ravelry member and are up for a challenge for the next 16 days – one that you set for yourself and only you judge – please consider entering the Games as a member of Team GYI.  Read all about it here.  Join us at the shop at 4:00 p.m. this Friday for a spot of tea, a scone or two, and the lighting of our own Ravellenic Flame.  If you can’t make it, catch some of the excitement by watching live video from those other games taking place across the pond, here.

Several members of Team GYI will be knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman, above, as part of a KAL organized by the very same Catherine whose Marsha. Marsha! Marsha!!!! and Color Affection are shown above.  My official project will be No. 3 by Kristin Ford, left, which has been entered in the Shawl Sailing event.  I’m looking forward to many, many stitches’ worth of Shibui Silk Cloud and Staccato.  But inasmuch as I was able to complete two shawls from start to finish during the last Ravelym- ahem, Ravellenic Games in 2010, I am hereby announcing I will also be entering a second event, WIPS Wrestling, with a project that’s been too long in deep hibernation, my Arabella in madelinetosh tosh merino light, color Calligraphy.  The last time I touched this project was before the shop opened; the pattern was a download, and the yarn came from an LYS in New Jersey.  Now one can buy both yarn and pattern at GYI!  I have about 12 unblocked inches of Arabella on the needles, with a skein and a half beside it in the project bag – 600+ yards to go.  Watch this space for coverage of all Team GYI project progress. And if you’re competing in the Ravellenic Games for other teams or as an individual, please keep us updated on our Gosh Yarn It! group thread on Ravelry, so we can cheer you on to victory!


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  1. So beautiful! I feel so inspired! Thank you Ann for pattern help.

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