Three from CEY.

Lately there have been so many superb customer FOs to share that these next few photos have had to wait their turn.  I have no idea who knit these three pieces: Knoll, Pinnacle and Alpine Meadow. They came with our recent Classic Elite yarns trunk show.  They are great examples of knitwear design that capitalizes on the strengths of individual yarns, in this case, MountainTop Collection Crestone (100% wool) and Vista (50% wool, 50% alpaca).  You don’t have to want to jump into a garment and run away in it to admit that it’s attractive and tasteful, well-crafted, and a clever design. Crestone and Vista have a vintage homespun quality to them and a soft hand for such durable yarns.  They’ll give you crisp stitch definition and stand up to years of wear.  Thankfully, there’s still a place for beautiful natural yarns like these.  But me in a knit skirt?  I don’t think so – yet I love Knoll’s scallop hem and peek-a-boo columns of eyelets.  I’m also a fan of the twisted ribbing on the collar and button band of the Pinnacle cardigan and the artful placement of the garter stitch ridges that break up the vertical march of cables up the center of the Alpine Meadow pullover.

These buttons were an inspired choice:

Note the jaunty picot hem that finishes off the sleeves and body of the sweater.  Clearly, Tonia Barry, the designer of Pinnacle, was having fun.

The Knoll Skirt in Vista, above, and Alpine Meadow in Crestone, below, both designed by Susan Mills:

Don’t get me wrong.  I love ruffly and sparkly and fuzzy as much as the next person.  And colors.  Colors are good, too.  But I sleep better at night knowing there are classic, timeless yarns like Vista and Crestone here when we need them.


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