FOs Break Free of Fridays

It’s time to admit that while “FO Fridays” may work for some LYS blogs, Gosh Yarn It! FOs are such free spirits (and, I’m delighted to say, there are so many of them sometimes) that they cannot be contained in just one weekly post.  Today, I’ll be catching up on an embarrassingly large backlog of FOs… after a few words about a shop “first” that will definitely not be a last.

We hosted our first Cascade Yarn Tasting on the 27th, but calling it a “tasting” is a bit of an understatement. Erlinda Brennan and Shannon Dunbabin of Cascade brought an absolute feast of yarn for us – plates, platters, bowls, and baskets-full.  At the end of the evening, when it was just the four of us left, Jill and I sat down with Erlinda and Shannon to order yarn for the shop.  After first making sure all the wine bottles were really empty, we chose more shades of everyone’s favorite, Eco Duo, and selected some of the new solid colors of the big hit of the evening, Eco Cloud.  We filled in missing colors in our Heritage and Heritage Paints sock/fingering weight and, with help from Shannon’s encyclopedic knowledge of Cascade yarn colors, the Superwash 220 Sport, too.  We need a baby blue, we’d say.  1914.  And some black.  815.  How about a light heather grey?  1946.  How does she remember it all?  Here’s Shannon in her nifty knitting gloves and Erlinda packing up all her beautiful samples:


And now for the FOs.  Enjoy and be inspired!

Joanne took Classic Elite Magnolia in color Rose and created this perfectly beautiful scarf.  Knitters – you, too, could easily get hooked on crochet.


Deb’s simple garter stitch scarf is simply gorgeous, thanks to Bamboo Bloom from Universal Yarns.  A box just arrived full of new colors, and more are on the way.  Let this yarn “do its thing” and you can sit back and enjoy the compliments.

Another yarn that’s happy to do the heavy lifting for you is my favorite Ripple by Tahki.  Yes, it’s mercerized cotton, but before anyone runs from the room, shrieking “don’t mention cotton to me in November!” let me quickly add that Ripple neither looks like cotton, feels like cotton, nor knits like cotton – it feels much more like a smooth, dry silk.  All Barbara needed to do to make this elegant stole was knit Ripple in stockinette with the slimmest of garter stitch edgings. Clever, Barbara!


Speaking of stoles that get so much of their beauty from their simplicity, Sue used some of our remaining merino/silk Savoy, also by Tahki, and the Keep It Simple Pure Elegance pattern from to make this elegant wrap, another FO I couldn’t seem to stop photographing.


If you have never made a felted project before, you may not realize how much bigger the before has to be to get the right after.  Mary Jane’s fun hats in Ella Rae Classic for her grandchildren show the magical transformation hot water and a little agitation can have on wool:

Andrea made this classic stockinette scarf in Universal Classic Chunky with custom colors chosen by the recipient.  I predict this FO will have a long and happy life.

Speaking of colors, both Jean and Sue have been experimenting lately with mixing and blending multiple yarns within a single project with enviable results.  Here’s Jean’s Gedifra Pertinio / Debbie Bliss Angel / Trendsetter Zoe scarf.  I’ve tried to show how she worked some sections with just one yarn, then brought in a second yarn, which then would get its own solo turn, and so on.  Please note the incredibly ingenious double-sided closure that Jean fashioned from buttons and fastened with the project yarn:

Sue hit the color jackpot by pairing Crystal Palace Mochi Plus with an electric red Douceur et Soie from Knit One Crochet Too.  Warning: you may need sunglasses to view these photos.


Color isn’t the only way to make a dramatic statement with your knitting.  Tina’s Celtic Moonrise Mittens were worked in a sage green Tahki Donegal Tweed that beautifully complements the impressive cabling.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Stephanie’s Corinne is another example of a perfect yarn/pattern partnership.  She chose this delicious not-quite-blue-not-quite-lavender Madeline Tosh DK, which we special ordered for her.  The knitting of the sweater may have taken less time than it took to get the yarn dyed and shipped to the shop, but it was definitely worth the wait.

We’d been wondering when a pet sweater FO would appear now that the weather is turning colder.  The first place ribbon goes to Allison, who started and finished a sweater for her dog Boone in one sitting with one skein of Magnum by Cascade.  I had originally used the shop sheep as a mannequin, but Boone himself is a much cuter model, don’t you think?

There are even more FOs waiting in the wings, their pictures already taken, but what could possibly follow that sweet puppy face?


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