FO Friday, 10/14/2011

My new camera is here.  Just look what it can do.  The flower is an Angel Wing Jasmine, shown here life-size.  I found it at a garden center when I was shopping for mums for my (sorry, gotta say it…) Mum.Having only the camera on my iPhone for the last couple of weeks hasn’t been easy for me.  Not that the phone can’t take great shots (the mum picture above and the last two FO posts are proof), but I’ve had a real camera in or very near my hands since I was six years old.  I think I got my first camera before my first bike.  So with this post I’m back in business.  Bring on the FOs!

Jane gets top billing because her Miss Terry has waited the longest for its picture to be taken.  There’s a lot going on in this pretty lace shawl, knit from our Wool Bamboo by Classic Elite Yarns.  First I tried shooting it on Maude in the usual way but didn’t think the pattern showed up well enough. Then I got closer and swept one edge up to show a bit more detail, then tried laying it across a chair back, and, finally, got really close to show Jane’s lovely beading.  Trust me – this is one of those projects you just have to see in person to fully appreciate!

Bonnie really knits it all – from fashionable sweaters to delightfully goofy baby hats. Her sweater vest with buttons-in-the-front-and-back uses three different Trendsetter yarns, including Vigna.  Her button choices are inspired!  The Puppy Hat comes from the book 60 More Quick Knits in Cascade 220 Sport (currently in stock at GYI). How cute is this?

Does Kelly have Second Mitten-itis?  Absolutely not!  Although we have only the left Mister mitten from the Love Bytes Robot Mittens to show, the way Kelly zips through projects, Miss Right should be arriving very soon.  Kelly also shared her gorgeous Annis Shawl from, knit from an indie dyer’s lace weight in a deep blue called “Asteroid.”  Heavenly, indeed.

Mary Ann , who lives now in Utah, emailed me a shot of her Cable Treat Hat from Issue 75 (January 2011) of Simply Knitting.  This clever lady wasn’t happy with any of the scarf patterns she found to match her hat once finished, so with her remaining Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted she made up her own!

Finally, Jill has a treat for you – the much-loved Tulip Sweater from Dream in Color Yarns. This has been a super popular pattern ever since The Yarn Harlot herself, Stephanie Pearl McPhee, blogged about her addiction back in 2007.  Now you can begin your own collection with one of our Tulip Sweater Kits.  Tell us the size you’d like to knit (6-9 months, 2 years, 4 years, or 6 years), and we’ll wind off just the right amount of yarn for you, either the girl’s version with all eight shades or a boy’s version sans pink and peach.  Kits include yarn and pattern.

I’m looking forward to giving the new camera a good workout at Rhinebeck this weekend at the NY State Sheep & Wool Festival.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll come home with lots of photos and barely any yarn.  You’ll see how well I do next week!


One response to “FO Friday, 10/14/2011

  1. Great FO! How did I miss seeing them all in person?

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