FO Friday, 8/05/11

The deadline for the Classic Elite Spring Knit-Along was July 31st, so three perfectly lovely Appledore Shawls are here for their close-ups.  Two of the sweaters pictured in last Friday’s post were also completed for the CEY Knit-Along, Marcia’s Lobster Cove and Mary Beth’s Pebble Beach. At last night’s Stitch & Spin, the winner of Classic Elite’s $100 gift basket was chosen by the luck of the draw.  Congratulations to Jane, pictured below on the right beside Wanda, who has been promised she will share in her friend’s winnings if any of the yarn turns out to be lavender.  Please note the darker ruffle on Wanda’s tri-color Appledore, an original shade Wanda created with a spot of tea-dyeing.  Pretty clever, don’t you think?

The pattern may not be the most riveting – miles and miles of stockinette – but the finished shawls are spectacular.  Here is Jean, modeling her own Appledore:

This week we have a pair of firsts.  For Rose, that would be a first sweater.  She chose Cirilia Rose’s Basque.  Unaware that first time sweater knitters usually slavishly follow patterns to the letter, she fearlessly changed up the yarn, subbing Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for the worsted called for, and mastered all subsequent gauge swatching, needle re-sizing, design mods, etc.  Check out her flirty ruffle of Kollage Creamy.  Bravo, Rose. You’re ready for anything now!

The second first comes from Andrea, who completed her very first scarf, a true classic in garter stitch with Cascade Ultra Pima Quatro:

Joanne popped in with her latest two hats.  It’s not really fair to photograph a woman in a warm winter hat in August when she’s wearing a polo shirt, but Joanne is a good sport (and a great knitter):

That’s it for today.  Boxes of new fall yarns have begun to arrive, including new colors of Noro Kureyon, Silk Garden, and Taiyo.  We were able to score some rare earth-tones, but if you like your Noro at full volume, we now have those, too.


4 responses to “FO Friday, 8/05/11

  1. I love FO Fridays! Hope to have something to contribute one of these weeks!

  2. Opps, got distracted before I complimented all the knitters – what beautiful projects!

  3. lots of oohs and ahhs for all the projects displayed the past two weeks!

  4. Love ALL the projects.
    So nice to finish something!!! I like this FO Fridays

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