Done. D-O-N-E. Done.

No matter how much you love the “process” of your knitting or crocheting, nothing beats actually finishing a project.  The last thread is snipped.  The remaining yarn is wound up and put with other leftover bits.  Done!

We couldn’t be happier that more and more finished work is coming to visit the shop these days.  Scarves we knew as wee skeins of yarn.  Sweaters we remember as tiny color swatches on a chart.  Starting today, it will be my pleasure to share some of this beautiful work with you in Friday posts.  (“FO Friday” is somewhat of a custom in the craft blogosphere, and who are we to try to fix something that ain’t broke?)

First up, Carmel in her Remsen Twist-Front Top in Ripple from Tahki.  Absolutely beautiful work that just takes your breath away.  One look and those of you with stashes of Ripple will be running for your needles:

Another 100% cotton yarn that was überpopular this spring was Classic Elite Sprout.  Mary Beth worked her lovely Pebble Beach in sunny yellow, and Marcia chose a cool blue for her breezy Lobster Cove, both from CEY’s “Seaside”:

Believe it or not, Sue finished her first project, a garter stitch scarf, just a few short weeks ago.  She chose Cascade Ultra Pima Quatro for her second project, a Sunday Market Shawl.  Dropping all those stitches didn’t faze her one bit!

Some of you know Marcia, of Lobster Cove renown (above), from our Crochet 101 classes.  She worked with Claudia Hand Painted Yarn Merino 55 for a drop-dead gorgeous crochet scarf from the “Nazli Gelin Book 2: Garden Party.”  Here’s a shot that celebrates the happy marriage of yarn and pattern:

We don’t know when Bonnie sleeps.  Or eats. Or walks her dogs.  Or does anything but knit.  But we do know we love her FOs.  Here is a gallery of Bonnie’s recent creations.  Enjoy:

Top to bottom: Classic Elite’s Inca Alpaca in Knitting Pure & Simple’s Neck Down Summer Cardigan; Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica in Knitting Pure & Simple’s Neck Down Pullover; Alana knit in Noro Taiyo from the pattern book “Noro Joy”; Gingham Trim Tank from “Summer Supreme” in Cotton Supreme; Koigu Ruffle Scarf from Churchmouse Classics, worked in Regia fingering; and, completed less than 24 hours ago, her Linen Top by Kat Coyle, knit in Louet Euroflax.  Bravo, Bonnie!

I saved a special FO for last.  Allison’s Flow tank in Berroco Seduce.  Not a yarn we carry – yet.  This was a labor of love and truly one to be proud of.  We want pictures of Flow on its Italian vacation, Allison!

Isn’t this fun?  I look forward to showcasing many, many more FOs on future Fridays.  It would be great to have this many to share every week!  Bring in your finished work, and if you’re camera-shy, let Maude the Mannequin be your model.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and try and get a few more rows done…


One response to “Done. D-O-N-E. Done.

  1. What a lot of beautiful FO! Very inspiring!

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