A typical Thursday evening.

Stitch & Spins. We love them. They come around every Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. (If they visited more often, that would be nice, too.) Customers arrive with whatever they’d like to work on alongside fellow yarn lovers. We do have crocheters, but, unfortunately, on this “typical” evening I don’t have photographic proof.  The knitters were easier to document:

Thank you, Stephanie, Rita, and Catherine

And we have spinners:

Thank you, Felicia and Gail

We even have – yes, we do – a weaver, who would like you to know that she’d love to turn you into a weaver, too:

Thank you, Linda

And while we see a lot of works-in-progress, these days we get more and more finished projects making their debuts. Check out the pretty beadwork on  Jeanne’s stitch-perfect Cia sweater, from the class taught by Carolyn Kern.

Thank you, Jeanne

Beads on KidLin laceweight

The comfy chairs are waiting, the coffee will be brewing, and we’ve got – you guessed it – plenty of yarn just in case you didn’t bring enough.  What’s missing?  Just you.

(And don’t worry.  If you’re thinking of dropping in on a Stitch & Spin and are camera-shy, I rarely take pictures, and I’d never snap one without first getting your thumbs up. But we might ask if one of our shapely mannequins could model any FO you bring in!)

Mannequin in Mia tunic knit by Jill


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