The oldest living UFO.

(I don’t want to bury my lead, so if you’d like to learn about our new Saturday Circles*, skip this part for now and come back later!)

There it is, my oldest UFO (“unfinished object”). It’s my second rendition of the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, a brilliant pattern designed by Sivia Harding. It deserves my attention. It has been on my Addi Lace Turbo size 6s since it returned from a plane ride in March of 2009, when I started it on my favorite Denise needles, which are much more TSA-friendly. Finishing it will be my project for our Spring Sprint 2011. I’d like to have my needles back, and I’d really like to have this to wear this summer.

I wish I could also say that I’ll finish a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves promised as a Christmas gift, finish Stephen West’s Pogona Shawl I’ve just started with Madeline Tosh Sock, finish three other projects currently in my WIP basket, as well as get a big chunk of a store sample completed that I haven’t even begun yet with Marks & Kattens Linen, but this is a sprint, not a marathon.

While looking through my WIP basket of shame, I found an even older UFO from October, 2008, a green merino and cashmere Lace Ribbon Scarf. As I held it once again in my neglectful hands, I realized I could no longer pretend that the beautiful yarn and the beautiful pattern belonged together. They were never meant to be one beautiful scarf. So my Lace Ribbon folly will become the demo model for Reclaiming Yarn, an upcoming Saturday Circle.

*We’re introducing Saturday Circles so we can introduce techniques that we find indispensably useful. They’ll be held twice a month as free hour-long demo/practice sessions, 11:30-12:30, just before the Saturday Stitch & Spins start at 1:00. If you’d like to stay for the Stitch & Spin, feel free to bring a lunch. (Nothing too odiferous in your brown bag and no open beverages, please.) Saturday Circles aren’t classes, per se. Either Jill or I will be demonstrating techniques we think you’ll enjoy having in your bag of tricks. As needed, all materials for any practicing of the technique du jour will be supplied. Here’s the schedule for March and April:

March 12:  Knitting Around, getting to know your way around DPNs and circular needles to knit in the round.

March 26:  Reclaiming Yarn, how to rip out, skein, tie, wash, and wind used yarn into new again. Goodbye, Lace Ribbon Scarf.

April 9: Great Beginnings, exploring different cast-ons and when to use them.

April 23: Making More or Less of Your Knitting, common increases and decreases.

We look forward to adding crochet techniques to the Circles, too. Right now we’re thinking advance sign-up’s won’t be necessary, but if we should only be so lucky to have a line out the door, we’ll work something else out!


One response to “The oldest living UFO.

  1. Great idea! (Saturday Circles not ripping your Lace Ribbon Scarf). I am very interested in Great Beginnings!

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